A working staycation for your business.

The retreat for mompreneurs to work on their business

- uninterrupted.

Prepare for the new year with confidence



You’re a busy woman who balances a lot

Imagine you've made yourself a cup of coffee.

Kids are at school.

Essential oils are diffusing.

Your favorite Spotify playlist is softly playing.

Your calendar is out.

Your laptop open.

You're ready to work on your business.


*DING DING* You get a text message.


Your client needs that proposal now.

Your client just sent you an email that they want you to look at now.

There's a problem with an order that needs to be fixed now. Now. Now. Now.

You think, "Ugh! I was just about to work on my stuff..." "Should I say no?" "What if they get upset?" "I really should give them my attention." "I can fit this in." "My work can wait." "Their happiness is my paycheck!"

Have you been there? I have. That moment of truth when you decide between your client whom you value or your business.

You shouldn’t have to choose.

You should be able to have time for your business without sacrificing your client's happiness.


I’ve been there.

And that's why I created The Mompreneur's Retreat.

It’s a working staycation for your business.

This one-day retreat will empower you to step away from your client work, regain the clarity and time you've been missing, and prepare your business for growth in 2020.


Learn proven marketing strategies that reach new customers and retain current ones then apply them to your business


Evaluate what worked and what didn’t work then update your goals accordingly


Celebrate what you accomplished in 2019 then recommit to making it another great year


When the retreat is finished, you’ll walk away equipped with:

-Personalized marketing strategy and plan

-Sales funnel template tailored to your business

-Powerful one-liner

...and much more!


- The proven StoryBrand framework

- Invaluable concepts from Joey Coleman's book Never Lose a Customer Again

- The methods I use for my own clients to create a profitable marketing plan

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I believe that you deserve to spend quality time on your business - don’t you?


Here’s how to attend the retreat:

ONE: Claim your spot

TWO: Block the date off on your calendar

THREE: Be prepared for 2020!


You’re just 3 steps away from taking time for your business!


Now imagine this with me...


Imagine starting off the new year ahead instead of behind.
Imagine having the confidence to say “not yet” to unexpected client demands. Imagine feeling no guilt in choosing your business over your client's business.

Better yet...stop imagining and make it a reality!

Join like-minded mom bosses to

refresh your marketing,

refocus your goals,

renew your passion for your business.


I'll give you an out.

Yes, you read that right. If you don't feel prepared to take on the new year when you leave this retreat, I will refund your ticket. I will give you your investment back if you don't walk away from this feeling prepared, confident and excited about 2020.

I feel that strongly that this retreat is going to set you up for success.

So what do you have to lose? Join us at The Mompreneur's Retreat! Can't wait to see you there!


P.S. - You shouldn't have to choose between your business and your client's business. So don't. Come to the retreat and walk away feeling refreshed, refocused, and renewed. Register today!